Santo Arts Nyc
In Art-making, I seek to visually stimulate and entertain not only art enthusiasts but, all viewers alike. Using color and shape I create larger than life representations of figurative elements from nature and life, itself.

When painting, I create unique compositions of highly rendered human figures using spray paint as my medium. I have an extensive portfolio of community works and public murals. In sculpture, my hand crafted forms of plump animals and other shapes are built using wood, clay, plaster, styro-foam and found objects; then covered in fiberglass and painted with auto enamels. These works, whose materials are durable and weather resistant, tend to find themselves most at home, displayed outdoors where they are able to interact with other elements of nature.

While these chubby sculptures are playful and often described as cartoonish, they are filled symbolically with multiple meanings and refer to issues of sex, class, money and race. We see this in “Just trying to get a…” , a sculpture of a gigantic acorn whose shape depicts a seed resembling the potential for life. Through its highly polished surface and luminous paint job, it takes the form of a treasure desired by every man, woman and squirrel.